Friday, November 19, 2010

The Big Lie and America.

Its been a while since I blogged. I have been thinking about what we have learned about America since the elections and the results have made me depressed. I remember once when I was in College at Iowa that Professor Lane Davis, one of my favorite professors, said that the difference between America and Europe is that when we had economic crisises our country produced Franklin Roosevelt and Germany produced Hitler and that America would never succomb to totalitarianism and the big lie.

He was clearly wrong.

President Obama has not been as effective as I would have liked but when you compare his first two years in office (Health Care Reform, Saving GM and making billions, Financial Reform,) with President GW Bush's first two years (Allowing the largest Terrorist Attack in US History, The patriot act, Guantanamo) it becomes almost crazy to think that the American people rebuked president Obama but the difference is the Big Lie.

In the United States we now have a media that is created in the image and likeness of the Big Lie. Hitler created this idea and it has become part of Right Wing culture in America. President Obama has been attacked since the first day of his presidency by all manner of hate and yet no one seems to be able to break the hold of the Big Lie Media on a large percentage of the American populace.

In the 1930's the Big Lie was used in Germany to demonize the Jews and Communists when the real culprit of the Depression was the Rich, Industrialists and Militarists. Again today the Big Lie is being used to demonize people to cover up the real culprits. It has become obvious that the Fox Media Complex's objective is to destroy president Obama but it also has another goal it seems, promoting the rise of China.

If you compare what Fox and the Right Wing Media does it is authoritarian. In many ways the Right in America likes what the Chinese leadership is doing. There are no Unions in China. There are no environmental or workers rights in China. In China government and business's goals are revenue. It seems to me that the Big Lie in America is being used to promote that Agenda.

So as we look forward to two more years of the Big Lie before their candidate, Sarah Palin, is elected president remember this name, Franz Von Papen. he was the last democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in the 1930's. My old professor Lane Davis's believe that America was different has been proven wrong and the Big Lie is now central to what makes America, America.