Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love this Video--Go Hawks

You know what there is nothing better than a Big Ten Football Saturday

Go Hawks

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weimar Germany in Iowa

I was recently in Europe and from that vantage point the current situation in the USA becomes much clearer. It seems that the goal of the Right in America is to in fact destroy the country by not allowing our elected president to do anything. In fact America has become much like Weimar Germany with protest groups dominating the debate. In my analysis the Tea Party are playing the Nazis and the Occupy Wall Street Folks the KPD Communists.

In the end there is only one winner and that is China, Brazil and India. I firmly believe that Eric Cantor and the rest of the Right want to destroy President Obama because they are in the pay of these new powers. Just as the Nazis were in the Pay of major Bankers and the KPD Communists were in the pay of the Stalinists. The end for America is an extremism that no one wants but that benefits only these small interests.

Watching the Republican Debates is so depressing. Mitt Romney who believes in nothing except magic underwear, Herman Cain who should be selling Snuggies on late night TV and Rick Perry who escaped from a NASCAR video. But, I believe that America has broken itself and while our friends on the Right like to quote that paragon of Fascism Ayn Rand the world we have created is not her dystopia but in fact Weimar Germany- in Iowa.