Friday, April 13, 2007

That Intellectual Look

That Intellectual Look......
The other night at our local poetry group we were waiting for one of our members- Jen Scappettone to arrive and the group of us were watching Garin Cycholl's orgasmic MLB package.
When Jen entered the room she gave us "that intellectual look" you know the look? Like what the hell is this? This is a waste of time this is silly or worse unimportant. I really like Jen she is a great poet and great intellectual but she is the master of the intellectual look.... maybe we need to spend a few nights at the Cell..... or at Schallers???
But in the room were great poets and great Baseball fans.
I love poet ball fans,
Mark Tardi- the closest poetic equivilent of a wirey shortstop-
Mike Antonucci, a grizzled hard first baseman,
Garin Cycholl the poetic equivilent of Stan Musial,
Bill Allegrezza a graceful centerfielder,
Brian Clements a sure handed second baseman,
Joe Ahearn a powerful DH- poets all.
Oh and me, a broken toothed catcher......
I have never understood people who view Baseball as just a sport? What other sport has such characters? or Babe Ruth, what other sport has changed America- Jackie Robinson, what other sport gives you daily diversion and deep thinking? I get more often from a great ball game then from a group of poetic intellectuals reading their musings... baseball- a cool clean change. Poetry readings are less so... but I love them too.
I have to say that apart from getting married, and publishing my first book my greatest joy was watching my White Sox win the World Series. It is April, it is snowing in Chicago and yet there is a ball game on tonight the Sox are playing the Indians (I hate the Tribe)......... such joy.

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