Friday, November 2, 2007

Why We Must Oppose the Military Industrial Complex

This morning watching the propaganda on Fox News while waiting for a doctor's appointment I heard repeatedly about a "war on terror'. Fox news is such a Hitlerian enterprise- prurience and war.
It is essential for the Military Industrial Complex of which our current president is a pawn to have an enemy so that the machine that finances war can continue to be fed.
The war on terror is part of this. No one discounts the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism or the horror of September 11th. Just like no one discounted the threat of Communism or Nazism or the horror of Auschwitz or Pearl Harbor. No one doubts that Nazism and Communism needed to be confronted-- but the question is how are they confronted?
Do we oppose an vile ideology with an equally vile one?
What has made the United States and its ideal important? It is certainly not the money made by Bechtel or General Electric. No it is the ideal of justice and fairness and that fact that citizens could decide what is right and what is wrong.
It was the ideals that won the Civil War and Freed the Slaves
It was the ideals that allowed people to fight for justice-civil rights and women's rights
It was the ideals that allowed for unions and workers rights
and it was the ideals that let a citizens army to defeat Hitler.
But today we are financing a huge complex of corporations and those who want there to be war and enemies and to destroy the ideals that would question their profits.
Torture has never been an American ideal. But it is good money.
We must oppose the Military Industrial Complex and the Stooge George Bush and look to the American Ideal of Justice and Peace and to true greatness.
Will someone? Will Hillary Clinton?? Will Barack Obama?