Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wrigley Field- The Local in a Global World

In Chicago we are not terribly exorcised about the loss of major works of architecture, or the fact that our taxes are high what really upsets us is the fact that Sam Zell- owner of the Tribune and the Cubs might sell naming rights to Wrigley Field.
I admit that I am very biased- as a White Sox fan who only went to Wrigley when I was 38 two years ago and then went there to see my White Sox. I do not have a dog in this fight. But I must say that there are a whole range of lamentable things that go against the local in our global world and demean what it means for places to be unique- here is my list;
Things that Do Violence to a Sense of Place
1) The Mc Donalds on Piazza Spagna in Rome which sits one block from the Spanish Steps is this really neccessary? Do we need to sell Big Macs in Rome?
2) The Pizzeria Uno location in New York's East Village. Why?
3) The Fact that Marshall Fields in Now Macy's
4) Everything in Dallas, Texas above Lovers Lane
5) All of Orlando, Florida
6) The Kentucky Fried Chicken on Nanking Road in Shanghai
7) Starbuck's in France
8) The Mc Donald's that Overlooks Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.
9) The fact that most local bookstores are closing.
10) The Fact that I can buy the same food everywhere.
While I do not like Wrigley Field or the Cubs, I remember what is was like to have Comiskey Park torn down- that wound was not salved until October of 2005, a World Series will do that.
But the loss of place and uniqueness is one of our great losses.

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Mark said...

Since I am a Cubs' fan, selling the naming rights to Wrigley Field feels not only like a bad idea to the historically-minded baseball world, but it's an insult to the fans.

I could understand it if the future owners of the team might consider it and would pour some of that revenue back into the team, but Zell has bought a struggling conglomerate and is scrapping it for parts. He won't invest one penny of the potential 400 million he'll get back into the Cubs, players, anything of the sort.

Also, your comment about Orlando, Florida -- spot on. Couldn't have said it better myself.