Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moxley Fin

I usually do not work on airplanes- I am normally too fat to open on lap-top on the plane. On a trip Sunday night from Chicago to LA I decided to finish Moxley's Middle Room and then read it again.
I have found this memoir interesting and moving on many levels. While Moxley is of my generation our background are distinct hers a kind of post-radical upbringing while my family is squarely in the Reagan Democrat- Catholic way. But having said that her book is moving for anyone who remembers being in college when Reagan was president.
There is a section where she writes about typewriters. How GenX is the last generation to learn to write this way. I was moved by this dialogue in the book.
I am not going to give away the end of this book because frankly I want people to buy the book but I have to say that the entire journey of the book to poetry has a Augustinian sense of conversion that makes the work a must read for poets. I think that the part I like the best is the romance part between Moxley and her long time Amante. The fact that I sort of know these people made the work seem personal but I liked it.
Anyway I urge everyone to buy this book it is a great book for Lent. Or Easter if you want rebirth.

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