Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why are Democrats Such Wimps?

Why are Democrats such wimps?
Why is is that Democrats cannot hit back hard and make the Republicans feel it?

As we speak the Republicans are tearing Barack Obama apart and the perceptions are being placed in people's minds and the Democrats are not fighting back.

I have to say that as a person who began his political life on the Right but whose opinions have changed over time the one thing that I miss about the Republicans is their taste for the jugular.
Forget about feelings or respect the Republicans care about winning and by any means neccessary- maybe the Democrats should learn this lesson?

It has been at least 40 years since the Democrats have punched back against the Republicans in an effective way. (Lyndon Johnson, JFK, before him Harry Truman and FDR). The Democrats have allowed themselves to be marginalized because they have not fought for legitimate issues. When John McCain attacks Barack Obama's moderate stand on taxes as 'tax and spend' why can't the Democrats punch back hard really addressing the issue that the Republicans and their big business friends have been making war on the Middle Class for the past 40 years and this has to change if we are to survive as a nation?

I find it so refreshing to watch a Michael Moore movie because he at least punches back and says the truth about Trade, Racism, Healthcare, War and Guns. Why is it that the Democrats cannot punch back hard and also take the character issues to them? John McCain is a war hero but he is also a product of the Republican lie machine.

This new book about Obama is being edited by Mary Matalin- James Carville's wife. Why are not Democrats protesting in front of their house in New Orleans? Why is Carville allowed to collect the money from the book's sales (Since he is married to Matalin) and why isnt Matalin expected to respond to the lies she edited? Republicans would do this to a Democratic editor. because the Democrats do not have a taste for blood.

John McCain, has a very mixed record on morality and I think his family's morals are more UnAmerican than anything Michelle or Barack Obama has done or said.
  • He cheated on his first wife while she was in the hospital- divorcing her for his current wife.
  • His current wife Cindy is the daughter of one of the richest men in America but she could not see fit to give any money to her 1/2 sister- who recieved a paltry $10,000 from her father's estate while she recieved millions. Then she proceeded to tell people she is an only child.
  • John McCain has repeatedly voted against benefits for our veterans he is part of the cause of what happened at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

John McCain, has a very mixed record on the economy.

  • He has supported right to work laws which have resulted in the destruction of our industrial wagebase making cities throughout the nation Ghosttowns. Why is this not an issue?
  • He also has supported unsustainable water programs that have caused sprawl development in the Southwest that will in the end need to be bailed out by the Federal Government.
  • He first opposed and now supports the Bush tax cuts why is this not an issue?
  • He favors taxing health benefits that people now recieve at work. Imagine the cost of this program to the average worker?
  • He favors retaining the Bush tax cuts so that we can never pay off the huge debt we have incurred about the Iraq war.
  • He wants to throw all American workers into the private healthcare market- thus taking away healthcare for anyone who is sick or has a pre-existing condition.

John McCain's record on the War is Clear

  • He wants to defeat evil- everywhere which means more wars not less.
  • The surge has been effective- but it is not permanent how do we deal with the fact that Iran is now more powerful because of Mc Cain's positions?
  • He first opposed and then supported Torture.

I think that Barack Obama- my candidate-- needs to spend the week with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. He needs to hit Obama the way Olbermann hits back and he needs to do it squarely in McCain's jaw- and show people the truth.

If he does this 2008 should be a landslide for change and an end to Wimp Democrats. Oh if it was just possible to hear Karl Rove squeal??

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Mark said...

I tend to agree with my cousin Frank who noted that the key difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats are a party of lawyers and the Republicans are a party of businessmen. And yes, businessmen play to win; lawyers play to play.

Obama didn't seem to have any problem hitting back at Clinton. He needs to do the same with McCain.