Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baseball-Poetry & Brazilians

October is normally for me a calm month. But with all the anguish of the economy and being forced to listen to Sarah Palin's screeching voice this October will be different.


Last week we hosted four Brazilian poets, Paulo Henriques Britto, Maria Esther Maciel, Sergio Medieros and Virna Teixiera.

These events were sheer pleasure. Northwestern hosted them for a reading and Professor Reginald Gibbons was a real gentle man in doing so. The poets then read at the UIC Humanities Institute and were hosted by Garin Cycholl and finally there was a great Saturday Reading at the Harold Washington Library.

The best thing about these readings was the attendance by a more general public. Unlike most poetry events in Chicago the local 'community' of poets did not dominate the attendance. Often, Chicago Poetry events are dominated by the same faces but at these events most of them were not in attendance but other people came and listened to poetry from another world and I hope that their efforts lead to more dialogue.


Barack Obama (SOX FAN) is going to win the presidency and Joe Biden is going to clean the floor with Sarah Palin and the economy will be ok so lets worry about what really matters; for the first time since 1906 both Chicago teams are in the playoffs. There is a chance for an L World Series here which would end up crazy but also great... imagine beating those Cubs-- in the World Series it would be something....


I am putting my Cubs hatred on hold for this month since I need to give the good energy to them in place of my friend Mark Tardi who is rooting from Lodz. I hope they win so that we can replay 1906 this year and beat them hard. But the entire city of Chicago is thinking about baseball and just maybe we can get the Chicago trifecta- Sox-Cubs World Series- Obama as president,



The White Sox won the Central Division last night in a great game. Did you see that throw from Ken Griffey? That put out? The fact that we beat the Twins. This will not be a calm October.
Maybe this will be a good one?

Go Sox, Go Barack--- lets win!

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