Thursday, February 5, 2009

What you Should Do at AWP In Chicago

Ok my Poetic friends we are just a week away
from that great poetic love fest called AWP.
I realize that most of our time will be spent
attending the literally thousands of readings that
are scheduled but if you can get a free moment let
me give you some advice about what to do in the city.

Most of the poetic tourists will be downtown. But whatever you do dont eat downtown- here are some suggestions with L Stops


Chinese- Lao Szu Chuan, China Town Mall (which is in Chinatown) take the Red Line L South (It is a subway under State Street), leave the train at the Chinatown Stop and look for the restaurant or eat at one of the others but dont eat Downtown.

Mexican-Cafe Perez, Perez is in Fulton Market only a few blocks from downtown it is right next to Oprah's studio and it is cheap and the Mexican food is great. Take a cab.

BEEF- Mr BEEF which is on Orleans they are only open for Lunch if you want to see a MR Beef come by the Cracked Slab Books table and I will be eating one around noon.

HOT DOG- Hot Dougs is the best encased Meat store in Chicago. The fries are fried in Duck fat from ducks used for duck liver google them and GO.

Anyone who comes by my Table at the Bookfair can get advice on restaurants for free from Me