Thursday, March 25, 2010

My President, My Alma Mater, Prairie Lights--- what more can you ask for?

President Obama was in Iowa City today.
What more can you ask for? He not only went to my Alma Mater to talk about health care victory but he went shopping at Prairie Lights Bookstore-- where I learned to love to read. President Obama is missed here at home in Chicago but he went to Iowa City and that is okay by this Hawkeye.
You know I am just tired of the Goebbelsque tactics. I can see why Germans believed in Hitler though if you listen to bad things enough they sound like the truth. My parents watch Fox News and sometimes I feel like I am talking to Sean Hannity. My parents are smart and somewhere down there I know they must be embarrassed?
Healthcare reform was not perfect but I would not trade it for the Patriot Act or Tax Cuts for Rich folks. Obama showed some balls. The Word in Italian is Palloni ....
So give them hell Barack and it is a good day when you can say you spent it in Iowa City.... the Athens of the Midwest and home to the best burger (at the Hamburg Inn) anywhere...

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