Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Irascible Baseball Preview

Recently on the ESPN Baseball Today Podcast Eric Karabell and Company told an English potential fan to root for the White Sox. We of course welcome this fan and I have offered to take this new White Sox fan around Chicago if he ever comes to Chicago. But as the White Sox Poet Laureate it is my duty to keep poetry and the White Sox in check. So now we must preview the 2011 season with a dry eye remembering that there are no more dastardly words than Cubs Win or Twins Win Again.
As we look at 2011 however here are my Irascible Predictions. Invite comment but know that any Cubs propaganda will be deleted. Twins' propaganda is welcomed but will be refuted.
Lets start with the National League
2011 was a good year for the small ballers. I think that 2011 however will be a different year for many reasons.
In the NL East I think that it will be a two team race. The Braves and the Phillies will fight it out until the end. I think that the Mets turmoils will become acute and the team will be sold by September. Florida will face in the humidity.
The NL Central will be moribund. I think that the Cardinals, Reds and Astros will stumble through the summer. The Cubs will lose 95 games and the Brewers will be the biggest disappointment as there risk on Zack Grenke will result in nothing.
The NL West will be all Giants all the time. I think that the Dodgers troubles and the fact that Don Mattingly will fail as manager results in a boring summer with the Giant's repeating.
Now on the Major Leagues
In the American League East I think that the Red Sox will run away with the division. The Yankees are too old and have no pitching and Tampa will not do much. Look for the Blue Jays to have a good year winning at least 87 games and watch for the Orioles. Buck Showalter is a good manager and he will do something for the O's.
The AL Central will be a death cage match. The Twins, Tigers, and White Sox will fight it out all summer in a death spiral. The Royals will win 83 games and the Indians will lose 100 games. I do think that the White Sox will win out but I think it goes 158 games and the three division leaders will tear each other apart. Our Sox win it with 90 wins.
In the AL West this is Oakland's year. Their pitching looks good. Now if they could just fill up there stadium. I wish the A's (or Ray's) would move to New Jersey they would fill up stadiums there and would be welcomed.
In the playoffs I see in the NL
St Louis
San Francisco
NLCS Philadelphia over San Francisco
In the Playoffs I see in the AL
Boston over Chicago
World Series Philadelphia over Boston
Happy Spring.....


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