Thursday, March 29, 2007

The City of the World's Desire

Tomorrow Traudi and I will go to Istanbul (constantinople). It is a fullfillment of a long dream for me. The characters emitted by that city have made the world that today exists. Constantine the founder of the city changed the world by making Christianity a state religion. During a time when Western Europe was filled with barbarism and death it was in Constantinople, Cordova and Baghdad that learning continued.

I have always had a romantic tie to Byzantinism. My family is from Northern Italy and all you have to do is go to Venice, Ravenna or Aquilaea to see their glory. Today the city is Turkish and all that makes that culture great is there. I will be blogging from Istanbul and will let you know what it is like to stand before Hagia Sofia and proclaim Solomon I have Surpassed you.

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