Thursday, March 8, 2007

Red Light Banana Split

Red Light Banana Split

I don't ask complete strangers to pose for me
Husky is a term of endearment- what they really mean is fat.
A hologram of open oysters crushed on the rocks fed our need for speed.

Strippers do not Lap Dance for Homeless Guys. The money is not there
It is in Las Vegas and Halliburton.

George Oppen and Louis Zukofsky
Slapping Jack Kerouac until
He dies of bruises and hemotomas.


a Franz Marc painting.
He died you know? In a trench wasted like
Surge troops - Walter Reed- with paintings
Still in his fingertips.

The easiest way to make money is to prostitute
But your flesh becomes raw- like chop meat
And when you do this to yourself
And no one wants to be with you

When the IED enters into the body it tears the flesh
And the helmet cannot be removed
It is fused to the bone
As we listen

Surge into life
Wonder what happened?

The scab is ripped off
The irony of lists and filofax
Crucify your listenings


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