Friday, January 11, 2008

Barack Obama won in New Hampshire

Barack Obama finished second in the New Hampshire primary. In the face of the 'Bradley Effect' where White voters say they will support a candidate and then vote for another and also the hot protests of Bill Clinton, Mr Obama got 37% of the vote.

We are as a nation at a moment of generational change. Those of us who are under 45- born since the murder of John Kennedy are frankly tired of spending our time arguing about the meaning of 1968 rather than the meaning of 2008. It is time to stop all the talk and address the fact that we are nation that is declining in the face of China and India. We are a nation that needs young leadership and the energy that Barack Obama can bring to us.

The 1990's were a good decade but do we really want to go back to all of that? Or do we need to try to reinvent ourselves as a nation? Someone needs to call us to greatness and to change and that person is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama won the New Hampshire primary in my mind and those of us who support him need to continue to fight for change- a generational change and a move forward away from 1968 to 2008.

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