Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicago Curses and Barack Obama

A month ago it appeared that Chicago was ascendant.

Finally after so many years of sunbelt dominance our Chicago with all its good and bad was moving to center stage. It was not New York that produced a moving trans formative presidential candidate- and two great Baseball teams it was our Chicago.

But to paraphrase Nelson Algren our city's broken nose does not please plastic and strip mall America. They hate us. A month ago it appeared that the Cubs and the White Sox (Barack Obama's own) would both make the playoffs. Maybe we would have a Crosstown World Series and a President from our town- this would surely lead to Chicago getting the 2012 Olympics.

Chicago would be center stage.

It appears however that all these plans are being destroyed by multiple curses. The Cubs are collapsing they have lost so many games that even the mellow Lou Pinella is frustrated- the White Sox are filling up with injuries and slowly falling and our favorite son, Barack Obama is being eviscerated by a moose killing woman who cannot even pronounce Iraq (It is e rack not I Rack) correctly.

Our City has been slandered. Bill O'Reilly of the vast Right Wing Conspiracy continues to say that Chicago is "radical" and "crazy left" as if the Haymarket Rioters run our town and Richard J Daley never existed. Now the curses the billy goat for the Cubs Shoeless Joe Jackson for the White Sox are returning- and overflowing the Barack Obama campaign. Our curses will result in four more years of pain and decline and having to listen to Sarah Palin's annoying accent.

I know that it is silly to believe in curses. But how is it possible that the party that caused so much pain and incompetence (Iraq, Katrina, 6.1% unemployment, the Mortgage mess) is going to win the election? How is that an annoying Hockey mom can be allowed the absorb all the racist attitudes of Americans and make hating Barack Obama (Community Organizer and Radical Chicago Dweller) ok and lead to his defeat? How is it possible that both the Cubs and my White Sox wont make the playoffs?

It must be a curse- or a nightmare.....

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