Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Note from Obama's "Cosmopolitan" Home

So now we know.

  • Being the mayor of a small town is more impressive than giving three years of your life as a virtual volunteer when you could be making millions. Being a state senator for 10 years is worth less than being governor for 1.5 years and a BA from Idaho is worth less than a JD from Harvard.
  • Now we know that as Rudy Giuliani put it Barack Obama is a "Cosmopolitan" which was word used by the Nazis to describe Jews in the 1930's. I guess his New York values dont fit this world do they?
  • The desire of the American people to not be bankrupted by insurance company's profits with some sort of universal healthcare is Socialism.
  • The war in Iraq is about 'victory' . Not waste and corruption.
  • The Democrats chose not to demonize Muslims by not using the term "Radical Islamic Extremism" but did speak about terrorism- this makes them weak losers.
  • We also know that all the terrible things perpetrated by the Bush administration over the past 8 years do not matter because the real reformers are Sarah Palin and John McCain both of whom have been in power for the past 8 years with George W Bush.

Are they kidding?

Are people so narrowminded that they believe that the enemy is 'Big Government'. After Katrina, the Iraq war, Mortgage Crisis, and spiraling healthcare costs the problem is 'big government'?

If small town values mean that we choose to be ignorant of the facts then I hope the "Cosmopolitans" win because we cannot take anymore of this lunacy.

Is the answer to the challenge of China to teach Creationism in our schools? Or to demonize old gay couples that want to go the hospital or buy homes?

The Republicans demonize government so they can steal more from it for their corporate friends just look at the Iraq war, Katrina and the Mortgage Crisis... the American people suffered and the Republican's friends got rich-- who are the reformers?