Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is a Week Away

Christmas is a week away and the economy continues
to decline.
Detroit's newspapers no longer deliver daily
Hundreds of formerly rich people have lost everything because of the Madoff scandal.
President Obama is still in Chicago.
There are presently no southerners in Pres Obama's cabinet- it is nice to have a president who does not have to pretend to like NASCAR and sweet tea- Fuck the South.
It has been said that there are too many Chicagoans in the cabinet- again I say Fuck em. It is about time.
They are rioting in Greece but for what reason i do not know.
There is a hot rock band from Saudi Arabia of four young women but no one can see their faces because of fear- when are we going to tell Islamic Fundamentalists to Fuck Themselves?
Job anxiety is everywhere but I hope the Republic Windows and Doors occupation results in something better- Job action not Job Anxiety.
Las Vegas is falling apart from the recession....
2008 is over and we have a new president
The Rio Pact countries met in Brazil this week and excluded the United States but included Cuba.
Gas is 1.66 a gallon in chicago
It snowed again
I am tired of wearing boots


Lemon Hound said...

I hear you! Good lord, huh?

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