Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent--- Chicago 2008

We don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent--

There are pluses and minuses to Chicago's System. The minuses are the fact that everything is for sale and that we suffer under a strong corruption tax. The minuses are that because everything is for sale and corrupt and we are all cynical but I am not sure that those of us who live in Chicago want to change the culture?

There is a comfort in the fact that things can be fixed. In comparison to cities that have strong good government traditions like New York or Minneapolis Chicago gets things done while those cities dither. 8 years after 9/11 nothing has been completed in New York. In less than 4 years the Chicago Trump Tower (95 Floors) is completed. Chicago's streets are clean and services work and in New York it is a mess. The Chicago way is smashing and burley and tough and we like it that way.

The fact is that President Obama, like Adlai Stevenson and Paul Douglas has avoided the taint but he is like those other reformers of Chicago and the strong right hand. Having said that what Governor Blago did was new low. He is the king of the boodlers. We all pretend to be appalled. But this is the city of the Black Sox Scandal, Al Capone and Greylord.

The fact is that people here are ashamed of Blago because he got caught no one wants some liberal do gooder cleaning the streets we prefer the strong right hand and the tough guy be he Harold Washington or Richard j Daley. This culture gave birth to great chroniclers as well.How could Nelson Algren, Studs Terkel or Mike Royko have written in another city?

We are a city of toughness and corruption. When has this not been true? The first urban riot in American history the Lager Beer Riots of the 1840's was a riot against 'clean government' and prohibiting beer sales. Chicago likes its politics like its hotdogs full of fixings. The Chicago way is unique and corrupt. Now the whole world knows how we do our business and we sit a little ashamed- but when the lights go off to Washington-- we will return to our mantra....We don't want nobody nobody sent---