Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Abyss and Me

Well yesterday was my day to become part
of the Great Recession. The division of my
former employer eliminated many positions
including mine.
As we look at the world today we see so many
people who have played by the rules losing their
footing. It has been a long time since so many people have gone from
secure and middle class to marginal and poor.
But that is the world we are entering.
I hope will all my heart that President Obama's goals are achieved and that the economy is turned around. But having said that I fear for those people like myself who until recently were in the middle class who now are looking at the abyss with trepidation. The reality is that there are millions of us who are in this position and many are some of the most productive and the most educated but this does not matter.
I am more fortunate than others in my company since many of the others have children at least I do not have that burden. In the end however there is a whole generation in the prime of life who are seeing the world they have functioned in for their professional lives destroyed. We are entering a new phase and it is a mean season as the world decomposes before our eyes.

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