Friday, January 30, 2009

The Death of the Creative Class 2009 RIP

This is the headline on the Huffington Post today and as a person who is an unemployed media exec I sit amid all of this mess and hope that I will not all be washed out to sea. Literally tens of my friends are now unemployed and we are all fighting for the few jobs left. Magazine, Book, Event and media people all cut loose at once.

Some clever author called us the "creative class" many of us migrated to Media, Internet, Events and Magazine publishing because we wanted to do something creative and also be able to make a living. These creative people moved into the internet, events, media and the web and we created the new economy.

Now the creative class is being destroyed. In the places where those people live, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles we are being let go wholesale and our jobs and our properties are being liquidated.

The death of the creative class is here and all those highly educated world citizens are being let go the world Tom Friedman is not Flat it is a crater and we are sitting at the bottom of it...

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