Saturday, January 16, 2010

Limbaugh, EWTN, Fox News, Robertson & Haiti

Well the truth of our friends has been made manifest.

Rush Limbaugh does not want people to help in Haiti
because we have already paid taxes. EWTN our Catholic version of Fox News has absolutely nothing on their homepage to help
a nation that is 80% Catholic. Pat Robertson believes that Haitians made a 'deal' with Satan and Fox News's prime time programming is all Hannity, Beck and O'Reilly and little about this tragedy.

The truth is for all these folks Haiti does not matter because they have dared to one elect a former Liberation Theology Priest as president and because most Haitians are Black? Or is it something else? Why is it that the people who watch Fox News choose to ignore Haiti but want to continue to listen to the escrement coming from Fox?

It has been said by Rush Limbaugh and company that they want Obama to fail. This is completely true they want him to fail because if a Liberal who also happens to be Black succeeds how do they get power back??

I am just nauseated by them. I am nauseated as well that a "Catholic" Channel like EWTN is going along with this? I guess that the corporal works of mercy are only for those who want the Latin Mass?

Shame on them....