Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama: Democrats are Wimps that is Why We Lose

Have you ever been at a party with Liberals talking politics?

I am often at parties with Liberals and the thing that comes over loud and clear is no one in the room has ever punched anyone in the mouth.

Liberals used to have tough guys, Robert Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, Richard Daley, Lyndon Johnson, Walter Ruether, Harvey Milk, Harry Truman and many other Liberals were tough and they were not afraid to fight for what they believed in but somewhere during the 1960's these tough guys all went away and what we got was Professors, Poets, Artists, and Volvo Drivers.

As I look back at Obama's first year and also one year where I have been unemployed I just get angry. It is almost like Herbert Hoover , he lost in 1933 and then during the Hundred Days he came back to challenge FDR and convinces everyone that the Depression is FDR's fault. Why is that Obama and Democrats have not driven home that they won a huge election and they have the right to govern and change America.

Because they are wimps.

The other day my Republican father who by the way gets Medicare and Social Security and VA Healthcare complained that Obama is a Fascist ( he watches a lot of Fox News). I wish Obama was a Fascist at least something would get done and the Republicans would be shut up. What Obama really is is a professor.There is nothing wrong with professors but the Republicans are armed with lead pipes and we are armed with what.... irony and metaphors?

The reality my Wimpy Democratic friends is that 51 Million Americans are either out of work or victims of joblessness in their families.

These people are angry-- I am angry-- and instead of fighting for us and blaming the people who caused this-- that is 30 years of Free Market economics and the Robber Bankers that have not created a job since 1999-- Fox News and the Conservatives are allowed to blame President Obama and no one says or does anything about it. Can you imagine FDR or LBJ allowing this to happen? May be Michael Moore should run for President?

Democratic wimps get some backbone before we have President Sarah Palin .