Friday, June 3, 2011

America Causing its Own Decline

The Economy is Stagnant. The May Jobs Report is a disaster. A whole generation is seeing future wash away. If you wanted to know what it felt like in the 1930's you now are getting to feel it. The difference however is that America has always been optimistic until now.

61% of Americans believe that they will never be as prosperous as they were before the Great Recession. Yet in Washington we are arguing about Ayn Rand and Franklin Roosevelt. Lets be honest for the past 30 years America has made a series of bad decisions. Now America needs to make things right. The answer is not ideology. Paul Ryan is wrong and so is Barack Obama we need America to stop arguing and work together.

I think that the US should force Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow to merge their TV shows. Make one side political show illegal. As we watch America decline I think about Rome and Britain and grieve the America of the mood walk is gone perhaps for ever.

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