Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another President from Texas?

I just watched a blistering speech by Governor Rick Perry of Texas. A combination of Jefferson Davis and Davy Crockett this speech was the kind of red meat that Conservatives love and it looks like he is going to run for president. So here we have it our deep thinking, socially liberal president of the future, who comes from Hyde Park in Chicago against a man who comes from the cotton fields of Abilene, Texas and who once said that Texas ought to leave the Union.

What will Americans choose?

Frankly, I think the Texan wins.

For all the "Yes We Can" rhetoric of the Obama campaign the thing that President Obama has not done is crush his opponents. The fact is that Progressives in the United States have not had a leader who crushed opponents since President Johnson. To put it simply in America the Right does what it wants and its followers are rabid supporters while the Left retreats to its enclaves and complains.

In 2009 the Democrats had complete control of the Federal Government. They passed some good legislation. But they also compromised with those who lost the election and in the end what we got was a muddle rather than change we could believe in. Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt running this that way? Within a year of his election there were pictures of the President everywhere. Within a year of President Obama's election 50% of the country thought he was a Muslim Communist who caused the Recession. This is because the Left refuses to fight to win and the Right does not do that.

America has been destroyed by Conservative policies. In 1980 America was the world's leading exporter and was the world's creditor nation. In 2011 American companies created more jobs in China than in the United States. In 1980 America was a leader in many sectors. In 2011 we are a laggard. For most of the 1980's, 90's and 2000's we have been governed by Conservative policies. What have those policies gotten us;

1) We have outsourced or off shored millions of jobs.
2) Once Thriving Cities have fallen into the abyss while Southern states, subsidized by Northern Taxes to pay for Water and Power (See Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles) have undercut them.
3) Deficits run up by presidents Reagan and George W Bush turned America into a debtor nation yet our poor Liberal President Obama is blamed for spending?
4) Deregulation of Banks caused the largest financial crash in 70 years. Now the Republicans want to destroy any reform.
5) American used to look forward to pensions and retirement. Today most Americans born after 1950 will NEVER retire.
6) The American Public University System the pride of the country is being systematically defunded so that only the elite can afford an education.
7) Americans have not seen their wages rise in real terms since the 1980's

And this plan is what Rick Perry has in mind for the United States. Rick Perry wants to finish the job of turning America into a nation where "success is rewarded" which is a euphemism for
helping the successful and ignoring the rest.

In fact America and Brazil have traded places. While we were wasting trillions in Iraq, Afghanistan and bailing out unregulated Banks and "opening" our markets to "free trade". Brazil spent its money educating millions of children, building work class infrastructure, creating a bio fuels market that makes the nation self sufficient and protecting their core industries. The Germans have a high value export driven economy. The Chinese are spending millions sending their best students to American Universities and repatriating these students to their shores we on the other hand are building walls and fences to keep people out.

For those of us who so want President Obama to succeed we wait in horror for another President from Texas.

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